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Wichita Falls Spudders
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 104 in 1928
Most losses in a season: 109 in 1954

The Wichita Falls Spudders, a minor league baseball team, played in the Big State League, Longhorn League, Texas League and West Texas-New Mexico League between 1920 and 1957.


1920Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League8563RosterStats
1921Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League8674RosterStats
1922Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League9461RosterStats94,6431,221
1923Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League7972RosterStats84,2191,115
1924Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League7774RosterStats76,2361,010
1925Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League8168RosterStats94,6201,270
1926Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League7284RosterStats99,1051,271
1927Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League10254RosterStats131,3851,684
1928Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League10456RosterStats103,2281,290
1929Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League9465RosterStats94,7951,192
1930Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League9558RosterStats74,994980
1931Wichita Falls SpuddersTexas League7685RosterStats33,560417
1932Wichita Falls Spudders/Longview CannibalsTexas League6983RosterStats46,211608
1941Wichita Falls SpuddersWest Texas-New Mexico League4395RosterStats
1942Wichita Falls Spudders/Big Spring PiratesWest Texas-New Mexico League847RosterStats
1947Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League9261RosterStats92,5531,210
1948Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League8462RosterStats130,1381,783
1949Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League9058RosterStats128,4001,735
1950Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League8066RosterStats103,4391,417
1951Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League6682RosterStats73,415992
1952Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League7770RosterStats95,2401,296
1953Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League8558RosterStats71,247996
1954Wichita Falls/Sweetwater SpuddersLonghorn League27109RosterStats20,101296
1956Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League7664RosterStats60,891870
1957Wichita Falls SpuddersBig State League426RosterStats2,558171

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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