1879 Worcester Roster

National Association (NA)
Team Record: 26-26
5th in the NA
Manager: Frank Bancroft (26-26)
Location: Worcester, Massachusetts
Ballpark: Driving Park

1879 Worcester Statistics

The Worcester of the National Association ended the 1879 season with a record of 26 wins and 26 losses, fifth in the NA.

Frank Bancroft served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
John Barrett
Henry MyersRRMay 0, 18585'9"159Philadelphia, PA US
Tricky NicholsRRJuly 26, 18505'7"150Bridgeport, CT US
Lee RichmondLMay 5, 18575'10"155Sheffield, OH US
Bill RollinsonJune 10, 1856Fairfield, ME US
Edward Shattuck
Chub SullivanRRJanuary 12, 18566'0"164Boston, MA US
Dave SullivanMay 5, 1856Chicago, IL US
Sam WeaverRRJuly 20, 18555'10"175Philadelphia, PA US
Art WhitneyRRJanuary 16, 18585'8"155Brockton, MA US
Frank WhitneyRRFebruary 18, 18565'7"152Brockton, MA US
Jim MutrieJune 13, 1851Chelsea, MA US
Lon KnightRRJune 16, 18535'11"165Philadelphia, PA US
Ike BennersLJune 7, 1856175Philadelphia, PA US
Charlie BennettRRNovember 21, 18545'11"180New Castle, PA US
Steve BradyJuly 14, 18515'9"165Worcester, MA US
Doc BushongRRSeptember 15, 18565'11"165Philadelphia, PA US
Sam CraneRRJanuary 2, 18546'0"190Springfield, MA US
Gid GardnerRRMay 6, 1859165Boston, MA US
Frank HeiferJanuary 18, 18545'10"175Reading, PA US
Arthur IrwinLRFebruary 14, 18585'8"158Toronto, ON CA
George WoodLRNovember 9, 18585'10"175Pownal, PE CA

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