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Everett AquaSox
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 61 in 2021
Most losses in a season: 72 in 2022

The Everett AquaSox, a minor league baseball team, has played in the High-A West League and Northwest League between 1995 and 2022.

Everett AquaSox

1995Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3739RosterStats89,9502,367
1996Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3342RosterStats87,8462,312
1997Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League2947RosterStats79,9182,160
1998Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3442RosterStats119,3963,142
1999Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4135RosterStats103,4552,956
2000Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3739RosterStats114,0243,001
2001Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3639RosterStats114,7273,187
2002Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4432RosterStats110,3732,983
2003Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3244RosterStats110,0432,896
2004Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4135RosterStats104,0102,889
2005Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4234RosterStats108,8842,865
2006Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3145RosterStats106,6752,883
2007Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3541RosterStats106,6832,883
2008Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3244RosterStats95,2942,508
2009Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3937RosterStats89,9292,367
2010Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4827RosterStats90,0792,502
2011Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3739RosterStats96,3452,535
2012Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4630RosterStats95,9292,665
2013Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4432RosterStats92,4892,569
2014Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League2848RosterStats92,6422,504
2015Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4234RosterStats100,6132,648
2016Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League4531RosterStats104,1622,815
2017Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3640RosterStats110,1612,899
2018Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3838RosterStats111,5992,937
2019Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League3739RosterStats116,6303,069
2021Everett AquaSoxHigh-A West6156RosterStats102,4231,829
2022Everett AquaSoxNorthwest League5972RosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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