Iowa Cubs
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 85 in 1993, 1998
Most losses in a season: 92 in 1992

The Iowa Cubs, a minor league baseball team, has played in the American Association, Pacific Coast League, Triple-A East League, New York State League, International Association, Eastern Association, Eastern League and International League between 1982 and 2022.

Iowa Cubs

1982Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27362RosterStats203,1693,010
1983Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27066RosterStats255,8303,762
1984Iowa CubsAmerican Association 28074RosterStats275,1633,574
1985Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26675RosterStats269,5133,823
1986Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27468RosterStats257,9863,634
1987Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26474RosterStats257,8573,737
1988Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27864RosterStats279,0913,931
1989Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26282RosterStats252,2893,504
1990Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27274RosterStats270,2153,702
1991Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27866RosterStats308,8144,289
1992Iowa CubsAmerican Association 25192RosterStats453,3866,869
1993Iowa CubsAmerican Association 28559RosterStats446,8606,571
1994Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26974RosterStats465,7346,849
1995Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26974RosterStats466,3207,174
1996Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26478RosterStats453,6306,480
1997Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27469RosterStats403,0406,016
1998Iowa CubsPacific Coast League8559RosterStats420,7136,279
1999Iowa CubsPacific Coast League6576RosterStats416,8046,412
2000Iowa CubsPacific Coast League5787RosterStats483,1766,903
2001Iowa CubsPacific Coast League8360RosterStats475,3426,791
2002Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7173RosterStats509,3847,277
2003Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7072RosterStats490,1507,104
2004Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7964RosterStats540,0557,298
2005Iowa CubsPacific Coast League6475RosterStats529,3547,562
2006Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7668RosterStats546,5548,038
2007Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7965RosterStats576,3108,233
2008Iowa CubsPacific Coast League8359RosterStats487,3487,384
2009Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7272RosterStats536,8727,895
2010Iowa CubsPacific Coast League8262RosterStats521,6697,672
2011Iowa CubsPacific Coast League6677RosterStats500,6757,256
2012Iowa CubsPacific Coast League5387RosterStats509,7987,283
2013Iowa CubsPacific Coast League6678RosterStats467,4816,977
2014Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7470RosterStats492,0607,029
2015Iowa CubsPacific Coast League8064RosterStats504,5777,531
2016Iowa CubsPacific Coast League6776RosterStats504,1607,414
2017Iowa CubsPacific Coast League6772RosterStats535,6607,763
2018Iowa CubsPacific Coast League5088RosterStats463,3997,356
2019Iowa CubsPacific Coast League7565RosterStats489,1737,526
2021Iowa CubsAAA East5178RosterStats314,7495,246
2022Iowa CubsInternational League2220RosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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