London Tecumsehs
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 86 in 1920
Most losses in a season: 73 in 1923

The London Tecumsehs, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the International Association, New York State League, Eastern Association, Eastern League, International League, Canadian League, Michigan-Ontario League and Ontario League between 1877 and 1930.


1877London TecumsehsInternational Association144RosterStats
1878London TecumsehsInternational Association2313RosterStats
1888London TecumsehsInternational Association5353RosterStats
1889London TecumsehsInternational Association5155RosterStats
1890London TecumsehsInternational Association1532RosterStats
1896London TecumsehsCanadian League1418RosterStats
1900London TecumsehsInternational League2614RosterStats
1912London TecumsehsCanadian League4849RosterStats
1913London TecumsehsCanadian League6439RosterStats
1914London TecumsehsCanadian League7143RosterStats
1915London TecumsehsCanadian League5058RosterStats
1919London TecumsehsMichigan-Ontario League4170RosterStats
1920London TecumsehsMichigan-Ontario League8632RosterStats
1921London TecumsehsMichigan-Ontario League7246RosterStats
1922London TecumsehsMichigan-Ontario League8350RosterStats
1923London TecumsehsMichigan-Ontario League5573RosterStats
1924London TecumsehsMichigan-Ontario League6270RosterStats
1930London TecumsehsOntario League3717RosterStats

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