Oklahoma RedHawks
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 86 in 2015
Most losses in a season: 77 in 2019

Oklahoma RedHawks
Oklahoma RedHawks
Oklahoma RedHawks

1998Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7470RosterStats491,0367,221
1999Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League8359RosterStats471,7227,041
2000Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League6974RosterStats416,1966,121
2001Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7469RosterStats447,0776,297
2002Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7569RosterStats432,8876,274
2003Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7072RosterStats380,0515,508
2004Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League8163RosterStats474,2066,679
2005Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League8063RosterStats542,0957,744
2006Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7470RosterStats526,9327,422
2007Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7172RosterStats529,6907,567
2008Oklahoma RedHawksPacific Coast League7668RosterStats470,1406,716
2009Oklahoma City RedHawksPacific Coast League6975RosterStats397,2195,675
2010Oklahoma City RedHawksPacific Coast League7370RosterStats367,0825,479
2011Oklahoma City RedHawksPacific Coast League6875RosterStats378,8775,262
2012Oklahoma City RedHawksPacific Coast League7865RosterStats399,9655,633
2013Oklahoma City RedHawksPacific Coast League8262RosterStats400,0255,797
2014Oklahoma City RedHawksPacific Coast League7470RosterStats429,1906,045
2015Oklahoma City DodgersPacific Coast League8658RosterStats471,9966,941
2016Oklahoma City DodgersPacific Coast League8160RosterStats437,9056,536
2017Oklahoma City DodgersPacific Coast League7269RosterStats444,2246,533
2018Oklahoma City DodgersPacific Coast League7565RosterStats463,1956,713
2019Oklahoma City DodgersPacific Coast League6277RosterStats444,1316,629

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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