Savannah Braves
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 81 in 1983
Most losses in a season: 84 in 1971

The Savannah Braves, a minor league baseball team, played in the Southern League and Southern League (Dixie Association) between 1971 and 1983.

Savannah Braves

1971Savannah BravesSouthern League5784RosterStats60,712861
1972Savannah BravesSouthern League8059RosterStats78,1471,124
1973Savannah BravesSouthern League7168RosterStats74,3181,069
1974Savannah BravesSouthern League7365RosterStats77,0251,116
1975Savannah BravesSouthern League7064RosterStats67,9711,014
1976Savannah BravesSouthern League6971RosterStats58,361834
1977Savannah BravesSouthern League7763RosterStats80,0701,144
1978Savannah BravesSouthern League7272RosterStats68,126946
1979Savannah BravesSouthern League6083RosterStats85,0011,189
1980Savannah BravesSouthern League7767RosterStats88,3261,227
1981Savannah BravesSouthern League7070RosterStats104,2541,489
1982Savannah BravesSouthern League6975RosterStats111,9101,554
1983Savannah BravesSouthern League8164RosterStats66,057911

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