York White Roses
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 80 in 1924
Most losses in a season: 99 in 1936
York White Roses All-Time Batting and Pitching Leaders

The York White Roses, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the Eastern League, Inter-State League, New York-Pennsylvania League, Pennsylvania State League, Piedmont League and Tri-State League (PA) between 1893 and 1967.

York White Roses

1893York White RosesPennsylvania State League5155RosterStats
1896York White RosesPennsylvania State League823RosterStats
1905York White RosesTri-State (PA) League7849RosterStats
1906York White RosesTri-State (PA) League7552RosterStats
1907York White Roses/Reading PretzelsTri-State (PA) League3887RosterStats
1909York White RosesTri-State (PA) League4173RosterStats
1910York White RosesTri-State (PA) League3774RosterStats
1911York White RosesTri-State (PA) League5058RosterStats
1912York White RosesTri-State (PA) League4565RosterStats
1913York White RosesTri-State (PA) League5952RosterStats
1914York White Roses/Lancaster Red RosesTri-State (PA) League2683RosterStats
1923York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7351RosterStats
1924York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League8048RosterStats
1925York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7755RosterStats
1926York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7957RosterStats
1927York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7958RosterStats
1928York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League6572RosterStats
1929York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7166RosterStats
1930York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League6673RosterStats51,566742
1931York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7367RosterStats
1932York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League7266RosterStats
1933York White RosesNew York-Pennsylvania League5978RosterStats
1936York White Roses/Trenton SenatorsNew York-Pennsylvania League4099RosterStats
1943York White RosesInter-State League7366RosterStats
1944York White RosesInter-State League6968RosterStats
1945York White RosesInter-State League4990RosterStats
1946York White RosesInter-State League6870RosterStats
1947York White RosesInter-State League6770RosterStats108,2851,581
1948York White RosesInter-State League7762RosterStats126,6791,823
1949York White RosesInter-State League6672RosterStats93,0341,348
1950York White RosesInter-State League6573RosterStats54,067784
1951York White RosesInter-State League5188RosterStats40,740586
1952York White RosesInter-State League7462RosterStats78,7071,157
1953York White RosesPiedmont League5970RosterStats58,500907
1954York White RosesPiedmont League7267RosterStats68,023979
1955York White RosesPiedmont League6465RosterStats62,581970
1958York White RosesEastern League6861RosterStats76,1391,180
1959York White RosesEastern League5981RosterStats48,449692
1962York White RosesEastern League7070RosterStats57,173817
1963York White RosesEastern League6377RosterStats42,827612
1964York White RosesEastern League5585RosterStats35,540508
1965York White RosesEastern League6772RosterStats53,345768
1966York White RosesEastern League6277RosterStats42,588613
1967York White RosesEastern League4395RosterStats27,826403

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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