1956 in Minor League Baseball

The Stats Crew has statistics and rosters available for the following minor leagues in 1956:

Open Leagues
Pacific Coast League

AAA Leagues
American Association
International League

AA Leagues
Mexican League
Southern Association
Texas League

A Leagues
Eastern League
South Atlantic League
Western League

B Leagues
Big State League
Carolina League
Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League
Northwest League
Southwestern League

C Leagues
Arizona-Mexico League
California League
Central Mexican League
Evangeline League
Northern League
Pioneer League

D Leagues
Alabama-Florida League
Florida State League
Georgia State League
Georgia-Florida League
Midwest League
Nebraska State League
Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League
Sooner State League

Independent Leagues
Manitoba-Dakota League

Foreign Major Leagues
Japan Central League
Japan Pacific League

Minor League Teams by Affiliation

American League
Baltimore Orioles - 7 teams
Boston Red Sox - 8 teams
Chicago White Sox - 6 teams
Cleveland Indians - 11 teams
Detroit Tigers - 11 teams
Kansas City Athletics - 8 teams
New York Yankees - 12 teams
Washington Senators - 9 teams

National League
Brooklyn Dodgers - 13 teams
Chicago Cubs - 10 teams
Cincinnati Redlegs - 10 teams
Milwaukee Braves - 15 teams
New York Giants - 12 teams
Philadelphia Phillies - 8 teams
Pittsburgh Pirates - 12 teams
St. Louis Cardinals - 15 teams


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