Kenny Cooper

Kenny Cooper
Born: October 21, 1984
Baltimore, MD
Coaching Career: 1979-1996

Kenny Cooper compiled a record of 416 wins and 321 losses in his coaching career with the Houston Summit, Baltimore Blast, Baltimore Spirit and Tampa Bay Terror. He began coaching during the 1979 season and last coached during the 1996 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1979-80MISLHouston Summit322012.625 321.667
1980-81MISLBaltimore Blast402119.525 422.500
1981-82MISLBaltimore Blast442717.614 523.400
1982-83MISLBaltimore Blast483018.625 1376.538
1983-84MISLBaltimore Blast483414.708 12102.833
1984-85MISLBaltimore Blast483216.667 1376.538
1985-86MISLBaltimore Blast482424.500 523.400
1986-87MISLBaltimore Blast523319.635 523.400
1987-88MISLBaltimore Blast562531.446 413.250
1988-89MISLBaltimore Blast482919.604 1376.538
1989-90MISLBaltimore Blast523220.615 1266.500
1990-91MISLBaltimore Blast522131.404
1991-92MISLBaltimore Blast401921.475 514.200
1992-93NPSLBaltimore Spirit402713.675 202.000
1993-94NPSLBaltimore Spirit402614.650 202.000
1995-96NPSLTampa Bay Terror401426.350
1996-97NPSLTampa Bay Terror927.222 Left after 9 games
Totals737416321.564 984949.500


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