Stojan Nikolic

Stojan Nikolic, "Niki"
Born: September 13, 1949
Nis, Serbia Yugoslavia
Coaching Career: 1986-1990

Stojan Nikolic compiled a record of 60 wins and 64 losses in his coaching career with the Kansas City Comets and Hershey Impact. He began coaching during the 1986 season and last coached during the 1990 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1986-87MISLKansas City Comets413.250 Started with 21st game, left after 24th game
1988-89AISAHershey Impact402119.525 202.000
1989-90AISAHershey Impact401921.475 202.000
1990-91NPSLHershey Impact401921.475
Totals1246064.484 404.000