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Kevin Hundelt

Kevin Hundelt
Born: December 30, 1967
St. Louis, MO
Position: D,M
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Career: 1987-2001

Kevin Hundelt scored 185 goals and recorded 379 assists in his 507-game career with the St. Louis Steamers, Kansas City Comets, St. Louis Storm, St. Louis Ambush and San Jose Grizzlies. He began playing during the 1987 season and last took the field during the 2001 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM PPG GWG FC BL Shts S%
1987-88MISLSt. Louis Steamers303256072611.5
1988-89MISLKansas City Comets446121880172524.0
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets4773101060565512.7
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets512915441203911924.4
1991-92MISLSt. Louis Storm38101525018395219.2
1992-93NPSLSt. Louis Ambush371946651530525311616.4
1993-94NPSLSt. Louis Ambush38214465821398312416.9
1994-95NPSLSt. Louis Ambush39274976814487413520.0
1994CISLSan Jose Grizzlies2315142965130565825.9
1995-96NPSLSt. Louis Ambush34204565800396313414.9
1996-97NPSLSt. Louis Ambush2392837131022516513.8
1997-98NPSLSt. Louis Ambush218283640024466512.3
1998-99NPSLSt. Louis Ambush3984755130046791017.9
2000WISLSt. Louis Steamers22213156002147345.9
2001WISLSt. Louis Steamers21118196101736392.6


Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets43:2000120.00100.000
1992-93NPSLSt. Louis Ambush38:150017.50210.500
1993-94NPSLSt. Louis Ambush31:5900160.00210.500
1994CISLSan Jose Grizzlies818:020026.67420.500
1994-95NPSLSt. Louis Ambush611:2000210.91310.333
1995-96NPSLSt. Louis Ambush828:300048.57620.333
1996-97NPSLSt. Louis Ambush20:05000000
1998-99NPSLSt. Louis Ambush1625:1901716.80810.125
2001WISLSt. Louis Steamers520:0200515.00500.000

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM PPG GWG FC BL Shts S%
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets7112000021010.0
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets98513200092630.8
1992-93NPSLSt. Louis Ambush5491320114171526.7
1993-94NPSLSt. Louis Ambush9461000013333312.1
1994-95NPSLSt. Louis Ambush1112112321110195721.1
1995-96NPSLSt. Louis Ambush836921011202512.0
1996-97NPSLSt. Louis Ambush767132009162524.0
1997-98NPSLSt. Louis Ambush11312150011421378.1
1998-99NPSLSt. Louis Ambush10591491122253414.7
2000WISLSt. Louis Steamers20110001350.0
2001WISLSt. Louis Steamers3112000111812.5

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
1994-95NPSLSt. Louis Ambush36:5300110.0010.000
1995-96NPSLSt. Louis Ambush10:020000.0000
1996-97NPSLSt. Louis Ambush28:590017.5021.500
1997-98NPSLSt. Louis Ambush517:4800310.59118.727
1998-99NPSLSt. Louis Ambush49:4010320.0052.400
2001WISLSt. Louis Steamers12:0600130.0021.500