Kris Peat

Kris Peat
Born: January 3, 1966
Newton, NJ
Position: G
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Career: 1988-1998
Division II and III stats

Kris Peat compiled a career record of 143 wins, 135 losses and 0 ties with a goals against average of in his career with the Los Angeles Lazers, Wichita Wings and Los Angeles United. He began playing during the 1988 season and last took the field during the 1998 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM FC BL Shts S%
1988-89MISLLos Angeles Lazers230004000
1989-90MISLWichita Wings17000100020.0
1990-91MISLWichita Wings3702222000
1991-92MISLWichita Wings3500064010.0
1992-93NPSLWichita Wings320661280110.0
1993-94NPSLWichita Wings39088189220.0
1993CISLLos Angeles United1900092090.0
1994-95NPSLWichita Wings3024613241711.8
1995-96NPSLWichita Wings39235641922.2
1997-98NPSLWichita Wings120000210
1998-99NPSLWichita Wings1501142020.0


Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1988-89MISLLos Angeles Lazers241272:42148944.436493160.487
1989-90MISLWichita Wings171019:0289724.244281600.374
1990-91MISLWichita Wings372070:4914211865.399134350.476
1991-92MISLWichita Wings352020:2917151835.448603610.420
1992-93NPSLWichita Wings321772:272281595.385243650.697
1993-94NPSLWichita Wings392099:1119162597.407094500.635
1993CISLLos Angeles United191121:215141196.375592600.465
1994-95NPSLWichita Wings301608:3612141806.725523720.674
1995-96NPSLWichita Wings392295:2520192446.386984540.650
1997-98NPSLWichita Wings12546:0554788.571911130.592
1998-99NPSLWichita Wings15858:14771027.133172150.678

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM FC BL Shts S%
1990-91MISLWichita Wings10000000
1993-94NPSLWichita Wings20000000
1995-96NPSLWichita Wings20002100
1998-99NPSLWichita Wings20110200

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
1990-91MISLWichita Wings154:180155.562615.577
1993-94NPSLWichita Wings2111:5502158.113621.583
1995-96NPSLWichita Wings2120:3102115.503019.633
1998-99NPSLWichita Wings2135:2611167.115337.698


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