2013-14 Detroit Waza Flo Statistics

Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL)
Team Record: 10-5
Finishing 2nd in the PASL's Eastern Division
Postseason: 0-1
Lost Division Final
Location: Detroit, Michigan
2013-14 Detroit Waza Flo Roster

The Detroit Waza Flo of the Professional Arena Soccer League ended the 2013-14 season with a record of 10 wins and 5 losses finishing second in the PASL's Eastern Division. The team compiled a postseason mark of 0-1.

The Waza Flo scored 130 goals and conceded 107. Miodrag Djerisilo netted 20 goals for Detroit, while Costea Decu tallied fifteen or more, too. Miodrag Djerisilo recorded 22 assists. Joe Kapinos topped the squad with 10 wins. The 2013-14 Detroit Waza Flo lost in the Division Final.

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Player Pos GP G A Pts PIM PPG SHG GWG FC BL Shts S%
Miodrag DjerisiloG,M1420224255001647028.6
Costea DecuD1419123127001759021.1
Nik DjokicF1213112472011243636.1
Victor OtienoF141251720011433040.0
Aaron ByrdG,M13710174000202528.0
Zach BowmanF11131149001932748.1
Tino SciclunaF11481216001931723.5
Ricardo LopesF782100302002630.8
Zane PolackD1364107000941442.9
Worteh SampsonF46170101001154.5
Drew DuckerF5426200031850.0
Michael GrbaF1542640002813411.8
Zack WilkesD,G12246500010121020.0
Darrel QuinnF,G1241570001681040.0
Mirsad HalepF72240111231414.3
Jayme KapinosF5213200132450.0
Doug RiceM2123200022333.3
Joe KapinosG1503350002010.0
Fernando GaticaF1202010010366.7
Daniel MattosF3101010121425.0
Matt JohnsonG,D501120002230.0
Scotty WrightD1101180009250.0
Matt LividiniF10000000310
Mario SciclunaD10000000100
Drou GoffM10000000110
Ryan MontagueF10000000100
Danny DragoiF100000002010.0
Dominic SciclunaF200000004010.0


Player GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
Matt Johnson10:190000.0000
Joe Kapinos15889:271041047.02315211.670
Aaron Byrd210:0901211.8220.000

Postseason - Scoring:

Player Pos GP G A Pts PIM PPG SHG GWG FC BL Shts S%
Miodrag DjerisiloG,M101100000040.0
Nik DjokicF100000002010.0
Zach BowmanF1101000040520.0
Tino SciclunaF100020001020.0
Ricardo LopesF1101010010616.7
Zane PolackD101100000010.0
Drew DuckerF100000004030.0
Michael GrbaF11122000301100.0
Zack WilkesD,G101100002010.0
Darrel QuinnF,G10000000200
Joe KapinosG10000000000
Daniel MattosF10000000000
Scotty WrightD100000001010.0
Dominic SciclunaF1213000000450.0

Postseason - Goalkeepers:

Player GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
Zack Wilkes11:290000.0000
Joe Kapinos158:310166.212216.727


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