Prince Albert Park

Location: Winston-Salem, NC
N. Highland (LF) Avenue between E. 11th (RF) & E. 12th Streets.
Capacity: 3,000
N. Ridge Avenue (unnamed today) ran along the 1B line. The catcher faced SE. The park was a block east of Woodland Avenue Public School (not there anymore.) The site is just east of John Gold Memorial Expressway (US 52 & SH 8.) The ball park was purchased by R N. Reynolds, and presented to the city of Winston-Salem as a play ground for African-American children in 1921.
Used by: Salisbury-Spencer/Winston-Salem Twins, Winston-Salem Twins, Winston-Salem Twins/High Point Pointers

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Prince Albert Park:

1942Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5281RosterStats
1941Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5482RosterStats
1940Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League4885RosterStats
1939Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5484RosterStats
1938Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League469266,471963RosterStats
1937Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League3510544,975642RosterStats
1933Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League4299RosterStats
1932Winston-Salem Twins/High Point PointersPiedmont League6866RosterStats
1931Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5579RosterStats
1930Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League7071RosterStats
1929Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League7763RosterStats
1928Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League8251RosterStats
1927Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League7964RosterStats
1926Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League6481RosterStats
1925Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League7749RosterStats
1924Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5962RosterStats
1923Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5964RosterStats
1922Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League6659RosterStats
1921Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League6258RosterStats
1920Winston-Salem TwinsPiedmont League5665RosterStats
1917Winston-Salem TwinsNorth Carolina State League172010,633575RosterStats
1916Winston-Salem TwinsNorth Carolina State League6348RosterStats
1915Winston-Salem TwinsNorth Carolina State League5369RosterStats
1914Winston-Salem TwinsNorth Carolina State League7047RosterStats
1913Winston-Salem TwinsNorth Carolina State League6649RosterStats
1912Winston-Salem TwinsCarolina Association6347RosterStats
1911Winston-Salem TwinsCarolina Association7237RosterStats
1910Winston-Salem TwinsCarolina Association5157RosterStats
1909Winston-Salem TwinsCarolina Association5452RosterStats
1908Winston-Salem TwinsCarolina Association4148RosterStats
1905Salisbury-Spencer/Winston-Salem TwinsVirginia-North Carolina League3442RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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