Goodyear Ballpark

Location: Goodyear, AZ
1933 S. Ballpark Way
Capacity: 10,311
Opened February 21, 2009, the ballpark became the spring training home of the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds.

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Goodyear Ballpark:

2021RedsArizona Complex3326RosterStats
2021IndiansArizona Complex3423RosterStats
2019RedsArizona League2729RosterStats
2019Indians RedArizona League2729RosterStats
2019Indians BlueArizona League3521RosterStats
2018RedsArizona League1342RosterStats
2018Indians 2Arizona League3224RosterStats
2018Indians 1Arizona League3618RosterStats
2017IndiansArizona League1541RosterStats
2017RedsArizona League2233RosterStats
2016RedsArizona League3124RosterStats
2016IndiansArizona League3125RosterStats
2015RedsArizona League2729RosterStats
2015IndiansArizona League2333RosterStats
2014RedsArizona League2432RosterStats
2014IndiansArizona League3716RosterStats
2013RedsArizona League1837RosterStats
2013IndiansArizona League2828RosterStats
2012RedsArizona League1838RosterStats
2012IndiansArizona League3125RosterStats
2011IndiansArizona League3026RosterStats
2011RedsArizona League3125RosterStats
2010IndiansArizona League2135RosterStats
2010RedsArizona League3124RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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