The Grand Duchess

Also Known As: Calhoun Street Park; Lincoln Life Field 1928-1930; League Park 1883-1892, 1935; Hamilton Field 1871
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Lewis, S. Calhoun (3B) & S. Clinton (RF) Streets & Douglas Avenue.
Capacity: 2,000 (1871); 4,500 (1928); 3,500 (1935)
The Grand Duchess was built in 1871, at Hamilton Field, which had been used for baseball since 1862. The park was named "The Grand Duchess" because its construction was so lavish. A flood in the spring of 1913 destroyed the clubhouse and the bleachers, and left the site filled with mud. The team was forced to start the season on the road. A 1918 map shows a large, symmetrical grandstand stretching well past the bases. The rebuilt bleacher sections reached to near the outfield fences. The catcher faced NE. The park was torn down about 1940. It was the site of the first professional game in the National Association, May 4, 1871. Also, it was the site of the second night game, June 2, 1883, in baseball history.
Used by: Fort Wayne Hoosiers, St. Paul Saints/Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Farmers, Fort Wayne Indians, Fort Wayne Railroaders, Fort Wayne Billikens, Fort Wayne Brakies, Fort Wayne Champs, Fort Wayne Cubs, Fort Wayne Chiefs

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at The Grand Duchess:

1935Fort Wayne ChiefsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League5271RosterStats
1934Fort Wayne ChiefsCentral League194RosterStats
1930Fort Wayne ChiefsCentral League7267RosterStats
1929Fort Wayne ChiefsCentral League687037,066537RosterStats
1928Fort Wayne ChiefsCentral League726249,578740RosterStats
1917Fort Wayne ChiefsCentral League4773RosterStats
1915Fort Wayne CubsCentral League6260RosterStats
1914Fort Wayne RailroadersCentral League6470RosterStats
1913Fort Wayne ChampsCentral League7763RosterStats
1912Fort Wayne RailroadersCentral League7752RosterStats
1911Fort Wayne BrakiesCentral League8354RosterStats
1910Fort Wayne BillikensCentral League7958RosterStats
1909Fort Wayne BillikensCentral League7166RosterStats
1908Fort Wayne BillikensCentral League7565RosterStats
1906Fort Wayne RailroadersInter-State Association3524RosterStats
1904Fort Wayne RailroadersCentral League8851RosterStats
1903Fort Wayne RailroadersCentral League8949RosterStats
1901Fort Wayne RailroadersWestern Association7367RosterStats
1900Fort Wayne IndiansInter-State League8553RosterStats
1899Fort Wayne IndiansInter-State League8258RosterStats
1898Fort Wayne IndiansInter-State League7184RosterStats
1897Fort Wayne IndiansInter-State League6359RosterStats
1896Fort Wayne FarmersInter-State League7036RosterStats
1892St. Paul Saints/Fort WayneWestern League2031RosterStats
1884Fort Wayne HoosiersNorthwestern League2243RosterStats
1883Fort Wayne HoosiersNorthwestern League345026,880640RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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