1930 Fort Wayne Chiefs Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: B
Team Record: 72-67
3rd in the CL
Manager: Punch Knoll (72-67)
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ballpark: The Grand Duchess

1930 Fort Wayne Chiefs Statistics

The Fort Wayne Chiefs of the Central League ended the 1930 season with a record of 72 wins and 67 losses, third in the CL.

Punch Knoll served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Robert AdamsonRRMarch 20, 19055'10"195
G. Muller
Walter NadolsonFebruary 3, 1906
Otho NitcholasRRSeptember 13, 19086'0"190McKinney, TX US
Gil PaulsenRRNovember 14, 19026'2"190Graettinger, IA US
Jack ReiderJanuary 27, 1903, DE
John SchelbergDecember 3, 1901
Henry Sellenger
Syl SimonRRDecember 14, 18975'10"170Evansville, IN US
Hal SmithRRJune 30, 19026'3"195Creston, IA US
Joe StyborskiDecember 6, 1903
Charles MarleauRRMarch 25, 19105'11"175Toledo, OH US
Roy BachmanLLJuly 12, 19105'9"165
Seymour BaileyLLApril 13, 18936'1"195
Fred BonkerLLJanuary 26, 19085'11"185
Edmund Conlan
Carl DorleyRFebruary 16, 19085'7"176
Tom FerrellMay 2, 1902, VA US
Harold Hardway
Leroy JonesLROctober 2, 19035'11"168
Joe KellyApril 26, 1904Lambs Creek, PA US
Norm KiesRRDecember 10, 19105'11"175Toledo, OH US
Punch KnollRROctober 7, 18815'7"170Evansville, IN US
Pat WrightLLAugust 4, 19016'1"178Mount Pleasant, TN US

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