2002-03 National Basketball Association Standings

2002-03 National Basketball Association Teams, Rosters and Statistics
2002-03 National Basketball Association Statistical Leaders


Conference First Round - San Antonio Spurs over Phoenix Suns 4-2
Conference First Round - Boston Celtics over Indiana Pacers 4-2
Conference First Round - New Jersey Nets over Milwaukee Bucks 4-2
Conference First Round - Philadelphia 76ers over New Orleans Hornets 4-2
Conference First Round - Detroit Pistons over Orlando Magic 4-3
Conference First Round - Los Angeles Lakers over Minnesota Timberwolves 4-2
Conference First Round - Sacramento Kings over Utah Jazz 4-1
Conference First Round - Dallas Mavericks over Portland Trail Blazers 4-3
Conference Semifinals - San Antonio Spurs over Los Angeles Lakers 4-2
Conference Semifinals - Detroit Pistons over Philadelphia 76ers 4-2
Conference Semifinals - New Jersey Nets over Boston Celtics 4-0
Conference Semifinals - Dallas Mavericks over Sacramento Kings 4-3
Conference Finals - San Antonio Spurs over Dallas Mavericks 4-2
Conference Finals - New Jersey Nets over Detroit Pistons 4-0
Finals - San Antonio Spurs over New Jersey Nets 4-2

2002-03 NBA Regular Season Standings

Atlantic Division
New Jersey Nets493378207392Lost finals
Philadelphia 76ers483479417752Lost conference semi-finals
Boston Celtics443875997631Lost conference semi-finals
Orlando Magic424080788067Lost conference first round
Washington Wizards374575027585
New York Knicks374578607971
Miami Heat255770167430
Central Division
Detroit Pistons503274927190Lost conference finals
Indiana Pacers483479407654Lost conference first round
New Orleans Hornets473576997526Lost conference first round
Milwaukee Bucks424081588139Lost conference first round
Atlanta Hawks354777148006
Chicago Bulls305277868207
Toronto Raptors245874537934
Cleveland Cavaliers176574958284
Midwest Division
San Antonio Spurs602278567412Won NBA championship
Dallas Mavericks602284447806Lost conference finals
Minnesota Timberwolves513180467876Lost conference first round
Utah Jazz473577627566Lost conference first round
Houston Rockets433976887567
Memphis Grizzlies285479958260
Denver Nuggets176569017580
Pacific Division
Sacramento Kings592383427809Lost conference semi-finals
Los Angeles Lakers503282308039Lost conference semi-finals
Portland Trail Blazers503278037589Lost conference first round
Phoenix Suns443878347741Lost conference first round
Seattle Supersonics404275557565
Golden State Warriors384484008493
Los Angeles Clippers275576938031


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