Jerry Sloan

Gerald Eugene Sloan , "Jerry, Spider"
Born: March 28, 1942
McLeansboro, IL USA
Coaching Career: 1979-2010
Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

Jerry Sloan compiled a record of 1221 wins and 803 losses in his coaching career with the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz. He began coaching during the 1979 season and last coached during the 2010 campaign. Sloan was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1979-80NBAChicago Bulls823052.366
1980-81NBAChicago Bulls824537.549 624.333
1981-82NBAChicago Bulls511932.373
1988-89NBAUtah Jazz654025.615 303.000
1989-90NBAUtah Jazz825527.671 523.400
1990-91NBAUtah Jazz825428.659 945.444
1991-92NBAUtah Jazz825527.671 1697.563
1992-93NBAUtah Jazz824735.573 523.400
1993-94NBAUtah Jazz825329.646 1688.500
1994-95NBAUtah Jazz826022.732 523.400
1995-96NBAUtah Jazz825527.671 18108.556
1996-97NBAUtah Jazz826418.780 20137.650
1997-98NBAUtah Jazz826220.756 20137.650
1998-99NBAUtah Jazz503713.740 1156.455
1999-00NBAUtah Jazz825527.671 1046.400
2000-01NBAUtah Jazz825329.646 523.400
2001-02NBAUtah Jazz824438.537 413.250
2002-03NBAUtah Jazz824735.573 514.200
2003-04NBAUtah Jazz824240.512
2004-05NBAUtah Jazz822656.317
2005-06NBAUtah Jazz824141.500
2006-07NBAUtah Jazz825131.622 1798.529
2007-08NBAUtah Jazz825428.659 1266.500
2008-09NBAUtah Jazz824834.585
2009-10NBAUtah Jazz825329.646 1046.400
2010-11NBAUtah Jazz543123.574
Totals20241221803.603 19797100.492