Brian Scalabrine

Brian David Scalabrine
Born: March 18, 1978
Long Beach, CA USA
Position: F
High School: Enumclaw
College: Southern California, Highline JC
Drafted: 2001, Round 2 Pick 6, #34 Overall
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 240
Career: 2001-02-2011-12

Brian Scalabrine averaged 3.1 points, 2.0 rebounds and 0.8 assists per game in his 520-game career with the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets. He began playing during the 2001-02 season and last took the court during the 2011-12 campaign.

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Player Totals:

Player Pos GP GS Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
2001-02New Jersey Nets280290672310315111239512192243960
2002-03New Jersey Nets5977241696839143630401011414616184677180
2003-04New Jersey Nets69292821886411070584213117365211442113240
2004-05New Jersey Nets54141167332132682269538316124488341866111339
2005-06Boston Celtics7119381937487313626278711451211950127205
2006-07Boston Celtics5417102719177110442318248110559231844130216
2007-08Boston Celtics4895129429461520152257794098266388
2008-09Boston Celtics398504114486124181674350187101273136
2009-10Boston Celtics5204728529491664939482794175978
2010-11Chicago Bulls180881910500017863451820
2011-12Chicago Bulls280122301471638132114569932

Player Averages:

Player Pos GP GS MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
2001-02New Jersey Nets28010.434.330.
2002-03New Jersey Nets59712.340.235.983.
2003-04New Jersey Nets69213.439.424.482.
2004-05New Jersey Nets541421.639.832.476.
2005-06Boston Celtics71113.238.335.672.
2006-07Boston Celtics541719.040.340.
2007-08Boston Celtics48910.730.932.675.
2008-09Boston Celtics39812.942.139.388.
2009-10Boston Celtics5209.134.132.766.
2010-11Chicago Bulls1804.952.
2011-12Chicago Bulls2804.446.714.350.

Postseason - Player Totals:

Player Pos GP Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
2001-02New Jersey Nets614311000123001102
2002-03New Jersey Nets720421000134000134
2003-04New Jersey Nets97317116563751213041530
2004-05New Jersey Nets4611124144257212469
2008-09Boston Celtics12246522229134471926122554361
2009-10Boston Celtics11000000000000000

Postseason Player Averages:

Player Pos GP MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
2001-02New Jersey Nets62.333.
2002-03New Jersey Nets72.950.
2003-04New Jersey Nets98.164.783.350.
2004-05New Jersey Nets415.318.225.0100.
2008-09Boston Celtics1220.542.344.8100.
2009-10Boston Celtics11.