1989 Edmonton Trappers Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 65-76
Finished 5th in the PCL's North Division
Manager: Tom Kotchman (65-76)
Affiliation: California Angels
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ballpark: John Ducey Stadium
Attendance: 230,728, Avg. 3,273
1989 Edmonton Trappers Statistics

The Edmonton Trappers of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1989 season with a record of 65 wins and 76 losses, finishing fifth in the league's North Division.

The Trappers plated 648 runs and conceded 658 runs. Jeff Manto paced Edmonton with 23 home runs Lee Stevens drove in 74 runs. Pete Coachman led hitters with significant playing time by connecting at a .285 clip. Mike Fetters topped the squad with 12 wins, while Terry Clark recorded a 3.58 ERA, leading hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Players from the 1989 Edmonton Trappers who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Terry Clark, Carl Willis, Jamie Nelson, Vance Lovelace, Kent Anderson, Mark McLemore, Max Venable, Stew Cliburn, Dante Bichette, Mike Brown, Doug Davis, Sherman Corbett, Rich Monteleone, Jack Lazorko, Lee Stevens, Gary Buckels, Colby Ward, Cliff Young, Jeff Manto, Jim Eppard, Brian Brady, Pete Coachman, Mike Fetters and Mike Ramsey.

Tom Kotchman served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Karl AllaireLRJuly 21, 19636'0"170Woonsocket, RI US
Kent AndersonRRAugust 12, 19636'1"180Florence, SC US
Dante BichetteRRNovember 18, 19636'3"215West Palm Beach, FL US
Brian BradyLLJuly 11, 19625'11"185Elmhurst, NY US
Mike BrownRRDecember 29, 19596'2"195San Francisco, CA US
Gary BuckelsRRJuly 22, 19656'0"185La Mirada, CA US
Tim BurchamRROctober 7, 19636'0"175Amelia, VA US
Colin CharlandLLNovember 13, 19656'3"205
Terry ClarkRROctober 18, 19606'2"195Los Angeles, CA US
Stew CliburnRRDecember 19, 19566'0"195Jackson, MS US
Pete CoachmanRRNovember 11, 19615'9"175Cottonwood, AL US
Sherman CorbettLLNovember 3, 19626'4"205New Braunfels, TX US
Doug DavisRRSeptember 24, 19626'0"180Bloomsburg, PA US
Steve De AngelisLLOctober 3, 19635'10"185
Jim EppardLLApril 27, 19606'2"180South Bend, IN US
Mike FettersRRDecember 19, 19646'4"200Van Nuys, CA US
Stan HolmesRRFebruary 1, 19606'0"205Dos Palos, CA US
Mike KnappRROctober 6, 19646'0"195
Jack LazorkoRRMarch 30, 19565'11"200Hoboken, NJ US
Vance LovelaceLLAugust 9, 19636'5"205Tampa, FL US
Jeff MantoRRAugust 23, 19646'3"210Bristol, PA US
Edwin MarquezRRJanuary 6, 19656'0"170Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui VE
Mark McLemoreSROctober 4, 19645'11"175San Diego, CA US
Rich MonteleoneRRMarch 22, 19636'2"205Tampa, FL US
Jamie NelsonRRSeptember 5, 19595'11"180Clinton, OK US
Mike RamseySLJuly 8, 19606'0"170Thomson, GA US
Lee StevensLLJuly 10, 19676'4"205Kansas City, MO US
Jim ThomasSRAugust 23, 19605'10"175Wichita, KS US
Kevin TrudeauROctober 12, 19636'2"180Forest Lake, MN US
Max VenableLRJune 6, 19575'10"185Phoenix, AZ US
Colby WardRRJanuary 2, 19646'2"185Lansing, MI US
Carl WillisLRDecember 28, 19606'4"210Danville, VA US
Cliff YoungLLAugust 2, 19646'4"200Willis, TX US

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