1990 Edmonton Trappers Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 78-63
Finished 1st in the PCL's North Division
Manager: Max Oliveras (78-63)
Affiliation: California Angels
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ballpark: John Ducey Stadium
Attendance: 229,307, Avg. 3,253
1990 Edmonton Trappers Statistics

Playoffs - Edmonton Trappers 3 games, Tucson Toros 2
Finals - Albuquerque Dukes 3 games, Edmonton Trappers 0

The Edmonton Trappers of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1990 season with a record of 78 wins and 63 losses, finishing first in the league's North Division.

The Trappers plated 738 runs and allowed 652 runs. Chris Cron paced Edmonton with 17 home runs, and Lee Stevens walloped 15 or more, too. Chris Cron drove in 75 runs. Dan Grunhard led all qualifying hitters on the roster by connecting at a .301 clip. Scott Lewis topped the squad with 13 wins and a team-best 3.91 ERA, leading qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1990 Edmonton Trappers who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Chris Cron, Scott Bailes, Mark McLemore, Kent Anderson, Bobby Rose, Ron Tingley, Rafael Montalvo, Scott Lewis, Randy Bockus, Kyle Abbott, Daryl Sconiers, John Orton, Rick Schu, Gary Disarcina, Mark Wasinger, Rich Monteleone, Rubén Amaro, Jeff Richardson, Dick Schofield, Sherman Corbett, Doug Davis, Chris Beasley, Jeff Heathcock, Joe Grahe, Gary Buckels, Mark Davis, Luis Aguayo, Cliff Young, Lee Stevens, Freddie Toliver, Willie Fraser, Pete Coachman, Jack Howell, Mike Fetters, Devon White and Mark Clear.

Max Oliveras served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Kyle AbbottLLFebruary 18, 19686'4"200Newburyport, MA US
Luis AguayoRRMarch 13, 19595'9"173Vega Baja, PR
Ed AlfonzoRRJune 10, 19675'11"180Caracas, Distrito Federal VE
Karl AllaireLRJuly 21, 19636'0"170Woonsocket, RI US
Rubén AmaroSRFebruary 12, 19655'10"170Philadelphia, PA US
Kent AndersonRRAugust 12, 19636'1"180Florence, SC US
Scott BailesLLDecember 18, 19616'2"170Chillicothe, OH US
Chris BeasleyRRJune 23, 19626'2"190Jackson, TN US
Randy BockusLROctober 5, 19606'2"190Canton, OH US
Gary BuckelsRRJuly 22, 19656'0"185La Mirada, CA US
Tim BurchamRROctober 7, 19636'0"175Amelia, VA US
Mark ClearRRMay 27, 19566'4"200Los Angeles, CA US
Pete CoachmanRRNovember 11, 19615'9"175Cottonwood, AL US
Sherman CorbettLLNovember 3, 19626'4"205New Braunfels, TX US
Chris CronRRMarch 31, 19646'2"200Albuquerque, NM US
Doug DavisRRSeptember 24, 19626'0"180Bloomsburg, PA US
Mark DavisRRNovember 25, 19646'0"180San Diego, CA US
Steve De AngelisLLOctober 3, 19635'10"185
Gary DisarcinaRRNovember 19, 19676'1"170Malden, MA US
Mike ErbRRMarch 19, 19666'4"210
Mike FettersRRDecember 19, 19646'4"200Van Nuys, CA US
Willie FraserRRMay 26, 19646'1"200New York, NY US
Joe GraheRRAugust 14, 19676'1"196West Palm Beach, FL US
Dan GrunhardLLNovember 13, 19636'1"195
Jeff HeathcockRRNovember 18, 19596'4"205Covina, CA US
Jack HowellLRAugust 18, 19616'0"180Tucson, AZ US
Mike KnappRROctober 6, 19646'0"195
Scott LewisRRDecember 5, 19656'3"190Grants Pass, OR US
Jim McCollomRRApril 23, 19636'1"195
Mark McLemoreSROctober 4, 19645'11"175San Diego, CA US
Tim MeeksRRFebruary 12, 19626'0"180Sacramento, CA US
Rafael MontalvoRRMarch 31, 19646'0"185Rio Piedras, PR
Rich MonteleoneRRMarch 22, 19636'2"205Tampa, FL US
Howard NicholsRRMay 16, 19646'0"220Oakland, CA US
Brian OhnoutkaRRAugust 9, 19636'0"180
John OrtonRRDecember 8, 19656'1"195Santa Cruz, CA US
Reed PetersRRAugust 16, 19656'1"180
Jeff RichardsonRRAugust 29, 19636'3"185Wichita, KS US
Nelson RoodRRJune 15, 19605'10"170West Palm Beach, FL US
Bobby RoseRRMarch 15, 19675'11"170Covina, CA US
Dick SchofieldRRNovember 21, 19625'10"175Springfield, IL US
Rick SchuRRJanuary 26, 19626'0"170Philadelphia, PA US
Daryl SconiersLLOctober 3, 19586'2"185San Bernardino, CA US
John SkurlaLLDecember 16, 19625'11"165
Lee StevensLLJuly 10, 19676'4"205Kansas City, MO US
Ron TingleyRRMay 27, 19596'2"160Presque Isle, ME US
Freddie ToliverRRFebruary 3, 19616'1"165Natchez, MS US
Kevin TrudeauROctober 12, 19636'2"180Forest Lake, MN US
Mark WasingerRRAugust 4, 19616'0"165Monterey, CA US
Devon WhiteSRDecember 29, 19626'1"170Kingston, JM
Cliff YoungLLAugust 2, 19646'4"200Willis, TX US

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