1908 Shreveport Pirates Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: C
Team Record: 66-78
6th in the TL
Manager: Dale Gear (66-78)
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Ballpark: Beidenham Park

1908 Shreveport Pirates Statistics

The Shreveport Pirates of the Texas League ended the 1908 season with a record of 66 wins and 78 losses, sixth in the TL.

Dale Gear served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charles Anderson
Art GriggsRRDecember 10, 18835'11"185Topeka, KS US
Whitney HewittAugust 24, 1885
John Hilding
Larry HoffmanRRJuly 18, 18785'8"175Chicago, IL US
Bernie McCayMarch 22, 1882Bradford, PA US
Otto McIvorSLJuly 26, 18845'11"175Greenville, TX US
Andy PettitFebruary 16, 1879
Farmer RayLRSeptember 17, 18865'11"160Fort Lyon, CO US
Elmer RiegerSRFebruary 25, 18896'0"175Perris, CA US
Eddie Sapp
Tony TheboSRSeptember 1, 18815'1"175, TX US
Jimmy TilfordRMarch 24, 18745'7"155Louisville, KY US
Liz TorreyFebruary 6, 1886
Mum WarrenderNovember 8, 1879Anderson, IN US
Zack WheatLRMay 23, 18885'10"170Hamilton, MO US
Dale GearRRFebruary 2, 18725'11"165Lone Elm, KS US
Prince GaskellMarch 31, 1885, TX US
Chick GandilRRJanuary 19, 18886'1"190St. Paul, MN US
Bill Blake
Red BoolesLLJuly 14, 18805'10"150Bernice, LA US
Smith Boyd
Edward Brockman
Russell Bush
Ed CermakRRJuly 23, 18815'11"170Cleveland, OH US
Hank CheletteJuly 4, 1889Shreveport, LA US
Harold ChristmanLLJanuary 23, 18845'10"153Menominee, WI US
Danny ClaireRApril 16, 1884188
Dad ClarkLLJuly 16, 18735'11"170San Francisco, CA US
Cal EarthmanNovember 30, 1882
Jewel EnsRRAugust 24, 18895'10"165St. Louis, MO US
Humes GalbraithDecember 23, 1883, PA US
Foley WhiteAugust 5, 1882, TX US

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