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Beidenham Park

Also Known As: Gassers Park 1915-1924; League Park 1901-1910
Location: Shreveport, LA
Park Avenue at Walnut & Sycamore Streets.
Capacity: 6,300 (1919); 5,000 (1924); 7,000 (1932)
The grandstand area is extensive; there is a smaller grandstand section, and a long, narrow bleacher area. Beidenharn Park burned down on May 4, 1932; the owner refused to rebuild. The franchise moved to Tyler. SPAR Stadium was built on the site for a new team in a new league.
Used by: Shreveport Giants, Shreveport Pirates, Shreveport Gassers, Shreveport Sports, Shreveport/Tyler Sports

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Beidenham Park:

1932Shreveport/Tyler SportsTexas League579345,517607RosterStats
1931Shreveport SportsTexas League669457,572720RosterStats
1930Shreveport SportsTexas League866575,8901,005RosterStats
1929Shreveport SportsTexas League9166106,4031,355RosterStats
1928Shreveport SportsTexas League798181,9201,024RosterStats
1927Shreveport SportsTexas League7382105,1721,357RosterStats
1926Shreveport SportsTexas League7779143,7941,844RosterStats
1925Shreveport SportsTexas League5994105,6421,381RosterStats
1924Shreveport GassersTexas League5410082,0951,066RosterStats
1923Shreveport GassersTexas League509980,5661,081RosterStats
1922Shreveport GassersTexas League569972,233932RosterStats
1921Shreveport GassersTexas League7484RosterStats
1920Shreveport GassersTexas League8166RosterStats
1919Shreveport GassersTexas League8164RosterStats
1918Shreveport GassersTexas League3351RosterStats
1917Shreveport GassersTexas League7389RosterStats
1916Shreveport GassersTexas League8461RosterStats
1915Shreveport GassersTexas League6285RosterStats
1910Shreveport PiratesTexas League7566RosterStats
1909Shreveport PiratesTexas League7368RosterStats
1908Shreveport PiratesTexas League6678RosterStats
1907Shreveport PiratesSouthern League6270RosterStats
1906Shreveport PiratesSouthern League7066RosterStats
1905Shreveport PiratesSouthern League6960RosterStats
1904Shreveport PiratesSouthern League5581RosterStats
1903Shreveport GiantsSouthern League675847,000752RosterStats
1902Shreveport PiratesSouthern League4871RosterStats
1901Shreveport GiantsSouthern League5566RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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