1909 Shreveport Pirates Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: C
Team Record: 73-68
5th in the TL
Manager: Dale Gear (73-68)
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana
Ballpark: Beidenham Park

1909 Shreveport Pirates Statistics

The Shreveport Pirates of the Texas League ended the 1909 season with a record of 73 wins and 68 losses, fifth in the TL.

Dale Gear served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Eddie Bauer
Bert JamesLRJuly 7, 18865'11"175Coopertown, TN US
Jack KimballMay 5, 1887188
Al KlawitterRRMarch 20, 18895'11"187Wilkes-Barre, PA US
George McAvoyLRMarch 12, 1884188East Liverpool, OH US
Kid NanceRRAugust 2, 18765'7"165Fort Worth, TX US
Frank QuigleyNovember 25, 1876
Elmer RiegerSRFebruary 25, 18896'0"175Perris, CA US
Carlos SmithRRAugust 30, 1878187
George SmithMay 20, 1885
Bill SorrellsRDecember 5, 1882, TX US
Jeff TesreauRRMarch 5, 18886'2"218Ironton, MO US
Bob WhalingNovember 11, 1885Los Angeles, CA US
Larry HoffmanRRJuly 18, 18785'8"175Chicago, IL US
John Hilding
William Beeker
Otto BesseLRAugust 27, 1877187
John BlakeneyDecember 5, 1882
Red BoolesLLJuly 14, 18805'10"150Bernice, LA US
Danny ClaireRApril 16, 1884188
Edgar CowanDecember 8, 1885Clarksville, AR US
Rube GardnerLLNovember 5, 18835'11"176Huntington, TN US
Leo GarvinDecember 5, 1877Claridon, OH US
Dale GearRRFebruary 2, 18725'11"165Lone Elm, KS US
Stan GrayRRDecember 10, 18886'0"184Ladonia, TX US
Bob HarmonSROctober 15, 18876'0"187Liberal, MO US
Henry Henninger
Bill YoheRRSeptember 2, 18785'8"180Mount Erie, IL US

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