Spokane Indians
Yearly Results

Franchise Regular Season and Playoff Results

19032Spokane Indians82684.5
19042Spokane Indians73578.5
19053Spokane Indians20193
19064Spokane Indians375015.5
19075Spokane Indians687621
19084Spokane Indians727513
19092Spokane Indians100668.5
19101Spokane Indians9665--
19112Spokane Indians96718.5
19122Spokane Indians95725
19136Spokane Indians709730
19143Spokane Indians846812
19153Spokane Indians81746.5
19161Spokane Indians7948--
19174Spokane Indians36419
19180Spokane Indians916NA
19205Spokane Indians565812.5
19394Spokane Indians756911.5Playoff Qualifier
19401Spokane Indians8459--Playoff Qualifier
19411Spokane Indians8944--
19424Spokane Indians588325.5
19467Spokane Indians547829.5
19471Spokane Indians8767--
19481Spokane Indians10264--
19493Spokane Indians787120.5Playoff Qualifier
19506Spokane Indians638528721889
19511Spokane Indians9349--860686
19522Spokane Indians91646774637
19535Spokane Indians75677.5778734Won second half
19540Spokane Indians3024NA324311
19557Spokane Indians478033.5683948
19567Spokane Indians567731691886
19587Spokane Indians688520.5597685
19595Spokane Indians77778696684
19601Spokane Indians9261--820666
19617Spokane Indians688629674803
19628Spokane Indians589635609756
19631Spokane Indians9860--Playoff Qualifier
19643Spokane Indians85736674644
19656Spokane Indians579023.5586702
19663Spokane Indians75738569559
19671Spokane Indians8068--600534Playoff Qualifier
19681Spokane Indians8560--579481Playoff Qualifier
19693Spokane Indians717314667647
19701Spokane Indians9452--799590Playoff Qualifier
19713Spokane Indians697610790779
19722Spokane Indians423611423382
19731Spokane Indians8163--807745Playoff Qualifier
19741Spokane Indians7864--873717Playoff Qualifier
19753Spokane Indians647823665758
19764Spokane Indians657811711782
19772Spokane Indians75693862789
19784Spokane Indians647517734832
19795Spokane Indians687911705779
19805Spokane Indians608019.5628691
19816Spokane Indians568422.5627705
19822Spokane Indians78656785737Won second half
19834Spokane Indians234617.5252424
19844Spokane Indians353911346339
19854Spokane Indians33417346357
19863Spokane Indians39356443411
19871Spokane Indians5422--473317Playoff Qualifier
19881Spokane Indians4234--446392Playoff Qualifier
19891Spokane Indians4134--438400Playoff Qualifier
19901Spokane Indians4927--394360Playoff Qualifier
19914Spokane Indians245220365508
19924Spokane Indians324411316403
19933Spokane Indians35419401440
19944Spokane Indians304619318385
19953Spokane Indians36396.5333345
19963Spokane Indians37393433418
19972Spokane Indians45316514420
19981Spokane Indians4729--474357Playoff Qualifier
19991Spokane Indians4432--477383Playoff Qualifier
20003Spokane Indians38383389347
20014Spokane Indians225430.5327454
20023Spokane Indians294720348439
20031Spokane Indians5026--454289Playoff Qualifier
20042Spokane Indians41351427362
20051Spokane Indians3739--380379Playoff Qualifier
20064Spokane Indians265018330473
20073Spokane Indians33423.5320375
20081Spokane Indians5125--436331Playoff Qualifier
20092Spokane Indians373910378342
20101Spokane Indians4333--410319Won first half
20113Spokane Indians35419365389
20124Spokane Indians28489320382
20133Spokane Indians38386295293
20142Spokane Indians40366399340Won first half
20153Spokane Indians34428320387
20163Spokane Indians324312.5347378Won first half
20173Spokane Indians39374Won second half
20183Spokane Indians38382364331Won second half
20191Spokane Indians4531--389312Won both halves

Yearly Postseason Results

1939 Playoffs - Tacoma Tigers over Spokane Indians 3-1
1940 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Vancouver Capilanos 2-0
1940 Finals - Tacoma Tigers over Spokane Indians 3-2
1949 Playoffs - Yakima Bears over Spokane Indians 3-1
1953 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Salem Senators 4-2
1963 Playoffs - Oklahoma City 89ers over Spokane Indians 4-3
1967 Playoffs - San Diego Padres over Spokane Indians 4-2
1968 Playoffs - Tulsa Oilers over Spokane Indians 4-1
1970 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Hawaii Islanders 4-0
1973 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Tucson Toros 3-0
1974 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Albuquerque Dukes 3-0
1982 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Tacoma Tigers 2-1
1982 Finals - Albuquerque Dukes over Spokane Indians 4-2
1987 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Everett Giants 2-1
1988 Finals - Spokane Indians over Southern Oregon A's 2-1
1989 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Southern Oregon A's 2-1
1990 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Boise Hawks 2-1
1998 Playoffs - Boise Hawks over Spokane Indians 1-0
1999 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Portland Rockies 3-0
2003 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Salem-Keizer Volcanoes 3-0
2005 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Vancouver Canadians 3-2
2008 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Salem-Keizer Volcanoes 3-1
2010 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Yakima Bears 2-0
2010 Finals - Everett AquaSox over Spokane Indians 2-1
2014 Playoffs - Vancouver Canadians over Spokane Indians 2-0
2016 Playoffs - Everett AquaSox over Spokane Indians 2-0
2017 Playoffs - Vancouver Canadians over Spokane Indians 2-0
2018 Playoffs - Spokane Indians over Everett AquaSox 2-1
2018 Finals - Eugene Emeralds over Spokane Indians 3-0
2019 Playoffs - Tri-City Dust Devils over Spokane Indians 2-1

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