Erie Sailors
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 91 in 1946
Most losses in a season: 79 in 1908

The Erie Sailors, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the Inter-State League (PA), Inter-State League, Ohio-Pennsylvania League, Central League, Middle Atlantic League, Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League, New York-Pennsylvania League and Frontier League between 1906 and 1994.

Erie Sailors
Erie Sailors
Erie Sailors

1906Erie SailorsInter-State (PA) League6541RosterStats106,0002,000
1908Girard/Butler/Erie SailorsOhio-Pennsylvania League4279RosterStats
1909Erie SailorsOhio-Pennsylvania League4869RosterStats
1910Erie SailorsOhio-Pennsylvania League5569RosterStats
1911Erie SailorsOhio-Pennsylvania League7754RosterStats
1912Erie SailorsCentral League7555RosterStats
1913Erie SailorsInter-State League5721RosterStats
1915Erie SailorsCentral League6458RosterStats
1916Erie SailorsInter-State League2637RosterStats
1928Erie SailorsCentral League7659RosterStats55,920828
1929Erie SailorsCentral League7861RosterStats54,205780
1930Erie SailorsCentral League7663RosterStats
1932Erie SailorsCentral League8556RosterStats
1938Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League5275RosterStats
1939Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League5573RosterStats
1941Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League7551RosterStats
1942Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League6365RosterStats
1944Erie SailorsPONY League6163RosterStats96,6581,559
1945Erie SailorsPONY League4677RosterStats62,5161,017
1946Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League9139RosterStats
1947Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League6856RosterStats107,0001,726
1948Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League8044RosterStats105,5621,703
1949Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League8553RosterStats101,0381,464
1950Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League6352RosterStats54,850954
1951Erie SailorsMiddle Atlantic League8540RosterStats45,892734
1957Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League7047RosterStats54,923939
1958Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League5372RosterStats24,310389
1959Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League4976RosterStats24,158387
1961Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League6857RosterStats19,583313
1962Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League6851RosterStats33,766567
1963Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League5773RosterStats29,775458
1990Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League4433RosterStats61,6061,600
1991Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League3741RosterStats70,5461,809
1992Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League4037RosterStats79,2452,142
1993Erie SailorsNew York-Pennsylvania League3641RosterStats65,3161,814
1994Erie SailorsFrontier League4225RosterStats64,3551,921

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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