Hagerstown Suns
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 91 in 1986
Most losses in a season: 88 in 2004

The Hagerstown Suns, a minor league baseball team, played in the Carolina League, New York-Pennsylvania League, Eastern League, Western Carolina League, Western Carolinas League and South Atlantic League between 1981 and 2019.

Hagerstown Suns
Hagerstown Suns
Hagerstown Suns

1981Hagerstown SunsCarolina League7068RosterStats145,3352,106
1982Hagerstown SunsCarolina League7165RosterStats135,3361,990
1983Hagerstown SunsCarolina League8452RosterStats153,6602,260
1984Hagerstown SunsCarolina League6080RosterStats114,9511,642
1985Hagerstown SunsCarolina League6572RosterStats112,9781,649
1986Hagerstown SunsCarolina League9148RosterStats144,1612,074
1987Hagerstown SunsCarolina League7268RosterStats135,0591,929
1988Hagerstown SunsCarolina League7961RosterStats135,3801,934
1989Hagerstown SunsEastern League6772RosterStats161,6302,326
1990Hagerstown SunsEastern League6771RosterStats167,7252,431
1991Hagerstown SunsEastern League8159RosterStats193,7532,768
1992Hagerstown SunsEastern League5980RosterStats130,3312,005
1993Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League7468RosterStats95,7021,450
1994Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8056RosterStats111,6601,801
1995Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League7368RosterStats113,4381,745
1996Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League7071RosterStats102,7651,631
1997Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6573RosterStats115,0111,743
1998Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8160RosterStats109,9321,832
1999Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8456RosterStats105,3801,527
2000Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6374RosterStats102,4331,601
2001Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8357RosterStats100,6901,503
2002Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6377RosterStats103,1881,540
2003Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6867RosterStats100,8651,601
2004Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League4988RosterStats128,5082,008
2005Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League7166RosterStats153,6752,227
2006Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League5882RosterStats149,1882,260
2007Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League5581RosterStats146,7632,258
2008Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6178RosterStats137,2832,049
2009Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League5678RosterStats126,1662,138
2010Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6575RosterStats135,7992,058
2011Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League7564RosterStats123,5931,931
2012Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8255RosterStats87,4291,366
2013Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8057RosterStats65,6061,058
2014Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8753RosterStats61,683979
2015Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6870RosterStats68,6881,073
2016Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League8357RosterStats82,5261,250
2017Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League7363RosterStats84,1811,380
2018Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League5281RosterStats64,9571,160
2019Hagerstown SunsSouth Atlantic League6575RosterStats59,682918

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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