Salt Lake City Bees
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 116 in 1925
Most losses in a season: 110 in 1921
Salt Lake City Bees All-Time Batting and Pitching Leaders

The Salt Lake City Bees, a minor league baseball team, played in the Pacific Coast League, Pioneer League and Utah-Idaho League between 1915 and 1969.

Salt Lake City Bees

1915Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League10889RosterStats
1916Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League9996RosterStats
1917Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League10297RosterStats
1918Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League4949RosterStats
1919Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8883RosterStats133,0861,557
1920Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League9592RosterStats159,3511,704
1921Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League73110RosterStats102,2611,118
1922Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League95106RosterStats106,0551,055
1923Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League94105RosterStats97,678982
1924Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League101100RosterStats117,7051,171
1925Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League11684RosterStats137,0121,370
1926Salt Lake City BeesUtah-Idaho League5270RosterStats
1927Salt Lake City BeesUtah-Idaho League5950RosterStats
1928Salt Lake City BeesUtah-Idaho League6849RosterStats
1939Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League5965RosterStats
1940Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7951RosterStats179,1802,757
1941Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6860RosterStats
1942Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League5563RosterStats
1946Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7654RosterStats205,8613,167
1947Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League8157RosterStats146,1872,119
1948Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6065RosterStats143,4112,295
1949Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7353RosterStats151,5632,406
1950Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League5570RosterStats105,7501,692
1951Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League8452RosterStats134,7371,981
1952Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6071RosterStats93,9201,434
1953Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6962RosterStats93,1611,422
1954Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7853RosterStats128,0011,954
1955Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6170RosterStats89,0401,359
1956Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7062RosterStats103,3071,565
1957Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6164RosterStats80,0951,282
1958Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League7777RosterStats217,4482,824
1959Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8569RosterStats195,3502,537
1960Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8073RosterStats140,0731,831
1961Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League6787RosterStats106,4541,383
1962Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8173RosterStats122,6191,592
1963Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League7385RosterStats108,4051,372
1964Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League5898RosterStats89,7891,151
1965Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League5691RosterStats98,9511,346
1969Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League3833RosterStats76,7892,163

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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