Zach Thornton

Zach Thornton
Born: October 10, 1973
Baltimore, MD
Position: G
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230
Career: 1996-2011
Division II and III stats

Zach Thornton compiled a career record of 131 wins, 97 losses and 45 ties with a goals against average of 0.85 in his career with the New York/New Jersey Metrostars, Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, New York Red Bulls and Chivas USA. He began playing during the 1996 season and last took the field during the 2011 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S%
1996MLSNew York/New Jersey Metrostars3300100000
1997MLSNew York/New Jersey Metrostars3200000000
1998MLSChicago Fire252301120000
1999MLSChicago Fire303000133100
2000MLSChicago Fire252500171000
2001MLSChicago Fire272701112000
2002MLSChicago Fire272700010000
2003MLSChicago Fire303000113000
2005MLSChicago Fire272600222100
2006MLSChicago Fire242401050000
2007MLSColorado Rapids1000000000
2008MLSChivas USA8700000000
2009MLSChivas USA272700040000
2010MLSChivas USA232300130100
2011MLSChivas USA2200000000


Year Lg Team GP GS Min W L T GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1996MLSNew York/New Jersey Metrostars33270:0012092.001780.471
1997MLSNew York/New Jersey Metrostars32197:0011051.5218120.667
1998MLSChicago Fire25232076:001680270.78118858.720
1999MLSChicago Fire30302633:0017120320.73137997.723
2000MLSChicago Fire25252319:001546330.85127915.717
2001MLSChicago Fire27272496:001665300.721451119.766
2002MLSChicago Fire27272483:0010134340.821641247.756
2003MLSChicago Fire30302728:001568370.811651238.745
2005MLSChicago Fire27262310:0012102421.09126826.651
2006MLSChicago Fire24242160:00888300.83118867.729
2007MLSColorado Rapids1032:0001023.75310.333
2008MLSChivas USA87651:00233131.2032161.500
2009MLSChivas USA27272385:001296230.581118312.748
2010MLSChivas USA23232015:006123330.9897636.649
2011MLSChivas USA22180:0002041.33730.429

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S%
1998MLSChicago Fire5500020000
1999MLSChicago Fire3301101000
2000MLSChicago Fire7700000000
2001MLSChicago Fire6600000000
2002MLSChicago Fire3300000000
2003MLSChicago Fire4401010000
2005MLSChicago Fire3300010000
2008MLSChivas USA2200000000
2009MLSChivas USA2200001000

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP GS Min W L T GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
1998MLSChicago Fire55450:0050020.272220.909
1999MLSChicago Fire33270:0012051.111510.667
2000MLSChicago Fire77630:0043080.764229.690
2001MLSChicago Fire66572:0022250.522923.793
2002MLSChicago Fire33270:0012051.11116.545
2003MLSChicago Fire44371:0031040.651511.733
2005MLSChicago Fire33270:0011110.2254.800
2008MLSChivas USA22180:0001131.001511.733
2009MLSChivas USA22180:0001131.00118.727


1998 - MLS MLS Best XI
1998 - MLS MLS Goalkeeper of the Year
2009 - MLS MLS Best XI
2009 - MLS MLS Comeback Player of the Year
2009 - MLS MLS Goalkeeper of the Year