Stumpf Field

Location: Lancaster, PA
Manheim & Fruitville Pikes.
Capacity: 5,000 (1950); 4,000 (1948)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 324-410-350 (1948)
Used by: Hazleton Mountaineers/Lancaster Red Roses, Lancaster Red Roses

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Stumpf Field:

1961Lancaster Red RosesEastern League608051,311733RosterStats
1960Lancaster Red RosesEastern League667382,8951,193RosterStats
1959Lancaster Red RosesEastern League578349,073701RosterStats
1958Lancaster Red RosesEastern League755781,9321,241RosterStats
1955Lancaster Red RosesPiedmont League725460,845966RosterStats
1954Lancaster Red RosesPiedmont League627856,000800RosterStats
1952Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League756541,913599RosterStats
1951Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League716746,821679RosterStats
1950Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League568232,684474RosterStats
1949Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League716885,7961,234RosterStats
1948Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League508965,734946RosterStats
1947Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League647374,6771,090RosterStats
1946Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League5583RosterStats
1945Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League875286,7551,248RosterStats
1944Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League6672RosterStats
1943Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League8355RosterStats
1942Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League5978RosterStats
1941Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League4383RosterStats
1940Hazleton Mountaineers/Lancaster Red RosesInter-State League6256RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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