LaGrave Field

Also Known As: New Panther Park 1926-1928
Location: Fort Worth, TX
N. Main, Calhoun, Sixth & Pecan Streets.
Capacity: 12,000 (1939); 13,091 (1950)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 335-400-300, 335-400-335 (1939)
The new Panther Park was across North Main, two blocks from the old site. It was later named La Grave Field, after the owner of the Fort Worth franchise, Paul La Grave. A 1927 map shows a large steel frame grandstand with wooden roof and floors. A small bleacher section sat along the LF line, and a bleacher section sat in right CF. The catcher faced SE. A fire on May 15, 1949 gutted the grandstand; the following day, heavy rains and floods further damaged the park. It was rebuilt by opening day of the 1950 season. A 1950 map shows a narrower grandstand extending nearly to the fences along both foul lines. A much broader area of steel bleachers ran in front of the grandstand for its entire length.
Used by: Fort Worth Panthers, Fort Worth Cats, Dallas-Fort Worth Rangers

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at LaGrave Field:

1964Fort Worth CatsTexas League518993,5741,337RosterStats
1963Dallas-Fort Worth RangersPacific Coast League7979118,3501,498RosterStats
1959Fort Worth CatsAmerican Association 2818197,3151,201RosterStats
1958Fort Worth CatsTexas League896481,6111,067RosterStats
1957Fort Worth CatsTexas League708475,188976RosterStats
1956Fort Worth CatsTexas League8470138,9051,804RosterStats
1955Fort Worth CatsTexas League7784107,9591,341RosterStats
1954Fort Worth CatsTexas League8180122,2741,519RosterStats
1953Fort Worth CatsTexas League8272136,5241,773RosterStats
1952Fort Worth CatsTexas League8675180,5592,243RosterStats
1951Fort Worth CatsTexas League8477160,2761,991RosterStats
1950Fort Worth CatsTexas League8864233,7893,076RosterStats
1949Fort Worth CatsTexas League10054265,9823,454RosterStats
1948Fort Worth CatsTexas League9261354,2884,631RosterStats
1947Fort Worth CatsTexas League9558337,7384,415RosterStats
1946Fort Worth CatsTexas League10153273,6593,554RosterStats
1942Fort Worth CatsTexas League846887,8691,156RosterStats
1941Fort Worth CatsTexas League787652,055676RosterStats
1940Fort Worth CatsTexas League5210843,561545RosterStats
1939Fort Worth CatsTexas League877494,6441,176RosterStats
1938Fort Worth CatsTexas League619964,631808RosterStats
1937Fort Worth CatsTexas League8574129,3701,627RosterStats
1936Fort Worth CatsTexas League767883,3391,082RosterStats
1935Fort Worth CatsTexas League649542,385533RosterStats
1934Fort Worth CatsTexas League599251,304680RosterStats
1933Fort Worth CatsTexas League638832,791434RosterStats
1932Fort Worth CatsTexas League688146,356622RosterStats
1931Fort Worth PanthersTexas League907097,6721,221RosterStats
1930Fort Worth PanthersTexas League8469103,2791,350RosterStats
1929Fort Worth PanthersTexas League8476107,0751,338RosterStats
1928Fort Worth PanthersTexas League8373119,4461,531RosterStats
1927Fort Worth PanthersTexas League7779127,4271,634RosterStats
1926Fort Worth PanthersTexas League8373204,3862,620RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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