1950 in Minor League Baseball

The Stats Crew has statistics and rosters available for the following minor leagues in 1950:

Womens Leagues
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

AAA Leagues
American Association
International League
Pacific Coast League

AA Leagues
Southern Association
Texas League

A Leagues
Central League
Eastern League
South Atlantic League
Western League

B Leagues
Big State League
Carolina League
Colonial League
Florida International League
Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League
Inter-State League
Piedmont League
Southeastern League
Tri-State League
Western International League

C Leagues
Arizona-Texas League
Border League
California League
Canadian-American League
Cotton States League
East Texas League
Evangeline League
Gulf Coast League
Middle Atlantic League
Northern League
Pioneer League
Provincial League
Rio Grande Valley League
Sunset League
West Texas-New Mexico League
Western Association

D Leagues
Alabama State League
Appalachian League
Blue Ridge League
Coastal Plain League
Far West League
Florida State League
Georgia State League
Georgia-Alabama League
Georgia-Florida League
Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League
Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League
Longhorn League
Mississippi-Ohio Valley League
Mountain States League
North Atlantic League
North Carolina State League
Ohio-Indiana League
Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League
Sooner State League
Tobacco State League
Virginia League
Western Carolina League
Wisconsin State League

Independent Leagues
Mexican League

Foreign Major Leagues
Japan Central League
Japan Pacific League

Minor League Teams by Affiliation

American League
Boston Red Sox - 8 teams
Chicago White Sox - 8 teams
Cleveland Indians - 15 teams
Detroit Tigers - 9 teams
New York Yankees - 15 teams
Philadelphia Athletics - 13 teams
St. Louis Browns - 11 teams
Washington Senators - 11 teams

National League
Boston Braves - 11 teams
Brooklyn Dodgers - 24 teams
Chicago Cubs - 15 teams
Cincinnati Reds - 8 teams
New York Giants - 20 teams
Philadelphia Phillies - 12 teams
Pittsburgh Pirates - 13 teams
St. Louis Cardinals - 21 teams


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