Dave Clements

Dave Clements
Born: September 16, 1945
Millbrook, Northern Ireland
Coaching Career: 1978-1990

Dave Clements compiled a record of 236 wins and 234 losses in his coaching career with the Caribous of Colorado, Denver Avalanche, St. Louis Steamers and Kansas City Comets. He began coaching during the 1978 season and last coached during the 1990 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1978NASLCaribous of Colorado20614.300
1980-81MISLDenver Avalanche401624.400
1981-82MISLDenver Avalanche441925.432 202.000
1982-83MISLSt. Louis Steamers342113.618 312.333
1983-84MISLSt. Louis Steamers482622.542 1376.538
1984-85MISLSt. Louis Steamers482424.500 202.000
1986-87MISLKansas City Comets281810.643 523.400Hired for 25th game
1987-88MISLKansas City Comets562927.518 1064.600
1988-89MISLKansas City Comets482127.438
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets523022.577 1055.500
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets522626.500 954.556
Totals470236234.502 542628.481