Charleston Riverdogs
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 80 in 2005, 2008
Most losses in a season: 89 in 1995

The Charleston Riverdogs, a minor league baseball team, played in the Western Carolina League, Western Carolinas League and South Atlantic League between 1994 and 2019.

Charleston Riverdogs

1994Charleston RiverdogsSouth Atlantic League5681RosterStats105,7911,628
1995Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League5089RosterStats101,2801,558
1996Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6378RosterStats100,4281,455
1997Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6082RosterStats231,0063,300
1998Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6774RosterStats234,8403,454
1999Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6577RosterStats238,1843,452
2000Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7366RosterStats240,0693,381
2001Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6476RosterStats236,1453,633
2002Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6076RosterStats242,1433,669
2003Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7762RosterStats259,0073,754
2004Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7663RosterStats255,7933,654
2005Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League8058RosterStats249,3743,778
2006Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7862RosterStats267,9083,999
2007Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7862RosterStats284,7184,126
2008Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League8059RosterStats279,6064,173
2009Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7465RosterStats268,9854,015
2010Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6574RosterStats269,0233,899
2011Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League5585RosterStats265,4653,962
2012Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7363RosterStats254,0023,791
2013Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7563RosterStats283,2744,292
2014Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7169RosterStats280,0754,309
2015Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6674RosterStats292,6614,368
2016Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7663RosterStats293,1614,311
2017Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7663RosterStats305,6224,494
2018Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League6472RosterStats305,0404,486
2019Charleston RiverDogsSouth Atlantic League7366RosterStats301,3204,367

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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