Cashman Field

Location: Las Vegas, NV
850 Las Vegas Boulevard. N.
Capacity: 8,000 (1950); 9,370 (1995); 10,000 (1998); 9,334 (2003)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 328-433-328 (1995 & 2003), 330-422-330 (1998)
Hosted the Oakland A's games at the beginning of the 1996 season for six games.
Used by: Las Vegas Stars, Las Vegas 51s

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Cashman Field:

2018Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7169332,2244,746RosterStats
2017Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League5686359,0595,057RosterStats
2016Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7074331,9994,882RosterStats
2015Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7767333,5204,834RosterStats
2014Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League8163329,4294,640RosterStats
2013Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League8163328,2664,690RosterStats
2012Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7964311,5164,388RosterStats
2011Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7173314,0324,486RosterStats
2010Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League6678336,4884,739RosterStats
2009Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7173337,3884,752RosterStats
2008Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7469374,7805,279RosterStats
2007Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League6777371,6765,162RosterStats
2006Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League6777365,6595,079RosterStats
2005Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League5786334,4854,646RosterStats
2004Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League6776306,6284,319RosterStats
2003Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League7666326,2434,531RosterStats
2002Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League8559327,2694,609RosterStats
2001Las Vegas 51sPacific Coast League6876332,7424,621RosterStats
2000Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7370322,3544,540RosterStats
1999Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League6775339,7024,785RosterStats
1998Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7072336,0054,800RosterStats
1997Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League5685313,1284,473RosterStats
1996Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7367313,2124,675RosterStats
1995Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League6183330,8694,660RosterStats
1994Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League5687338,8344,706RosterStats
1993Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League5885386,3105,441RosterStats
1992Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7470382,8385,317RosterStats
1991Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League6575330,6994,724RosterStats
1990Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League5886312,5224,341RosterStats
1989Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7469315,5174,413RosterStats
1988Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7466305,6224,366RosterStats
1987Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League6973299,1984,214RosterStats
1986Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League8062291,0604,099RosterStats
1985Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League6579313,7834,358RosterStats
1984Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League7165320,1574,708RosterStats
1983Las Vegas StarsPacific Coast League8360365,8485,117RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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