Derks Field

Also Known As: Community Park 1926-1945
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
65 W. 1300 S.
Capacity: 5,300 (1939); 5,800 (1950); 10,500 (1992)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 340-425-370 (1939); 350-400-365 (1971)
Derks Field was named for John C. Derks, the long-time Salt Lake Tribune sports editor who brought professional baseball back to Salt Lake City. The park was destroyed by fire in 1946, and rebuilt immediately. A 1950 map shows an unroofed grandstand of reinforced concrete. A wooden bleacher section adjoined the grandstand on the 1B side. Beyond it, a steel grandstand with wooden seats extended almost to the RF fence. The field was enclosed by wooden fences. Derks Field was renovated and expanded in 1958; thereafter, it was used for baseball only. The park was demolished in 1993 to make way for Franklin-Quest Field. The catcher faced SE.
Used by: Salt Lake City Bees, Salt Lake City Giants, Salt Lake City Angels, Salt Lake City Gulls, Salt Lake City Trappers

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Derks Field:

1992Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League5323217,2635,717RosterStats
1991Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League4921200,5995,731RosterStats
1990Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League4226192,3665,658RosterStats
1989Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League3336173,2565,022RosterStats
1988Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League4129176,2175,035RosterStats
1987Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League4921170,1344,861RosterStats
1986Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League4525108,7213,106RosterStats
1985Salt Lake City TrappersPioneer League462457,6831,648RosterStats
1984Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League7466167,8032,397RosterStats
1983Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League6775280,1303,945RosterStats
1982Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League7370255,6713,576RosterStats
1981Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League6371205,3533,065RosterStats
1980Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League7765203,3462,864RosterStats
1979Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League8068214,8252,903RosterStats
1978Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League7265207,4403,028RosterStats
1977Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League7465254,6793,664RosterStats
1976Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League9054239,3213,324RosterStats
1975Salt Lake City GullsPacific Coast League8064122,2511,698RosterStats
1974Salt Lake City AngelsPacific Coast League697356,883801RosterStats
1973Salt Lake City AngelsPacific Coast League7965162,5812,258RosterStats
1972Salt Lake City AngelsPacific Coast League8068191,5772,589RosterStats
1971Salt Lake City AngelsPacific Coast League7868152,1602,084RosterStats
1970Salt Lake PadresPacific Coast League4499100,3731,404RosterStats
1969Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League383376,7892,163RosterStats
1968Salt Lake City GiantsPioneer League164554,1951,777RosterStats
1967Salt Lake City GiantsPioneer League254153,6531,626RosterStats
1965Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League569198,9511,346RosterStats
1964Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League589889,7891,151RosterStats
1963Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League7385108,4051,372RosterStats
1962Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8173122,6191,592RosterStats
1961Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League6787106,4541,383RosterStats
1960Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8073140,0731,831RosterStats
1959Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League8569195,3502,537RosterStats
1958Salt Lake City BeesPacific Coast League7777217,4482,824RosterStats
1957Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League616480,0951,282RosterStats
1956Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7062103,3071,565RosterStats
1955Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League617089,0401,359RosterStats
1954Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7853128,0011,954RosterStats
1953Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League696293,1611,422RosterStats
1952Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League607193,9201,434RosterStats
1951Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League8452134,7371,981RosterStats
1950Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League5570105,7501,692RosterStats
1949Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7353151,5632,406RosterStats
1948Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6065143,4112,295RosterStats
1947Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League8157146,1872,119RosterStats
1946Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7654205,8613,167RosterStats
1942Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League5563RosterStats
1941Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League6860RosterStats
1940Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League7951179,1802,757RosterStats
1939Salt Lake City BeesPioneer League5965RosterStats
1928Salt Lake City BeesUtah-Idaho League6849RosterStats
1927Salt Lake City BeesUtah-Idaho League5950RosterStats
1926Salt Lake City BeesUtah-Idaho League5270RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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