Jim Gorsek

Jim Gorsek
Born: October 12, 1955
Oregon City, OR
Position: G
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180
Career: 1976-1994

Jim Gorsek compiled a career record of 158 wins, 102 losses and 0 ties with a goals against average of in his career with the Portland Timbers, San Diego Sockers, Los Angeles Lazers, Kansas City Comets, St. Louis Storm and Portland Pride. He began playing during the 1976 season and last took the field during the 1994 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM FC BL Shts S%
1977NASLPortland Timbers300000
1979NASLPortland Timbers100000
1980NASLPortland Timbers1200000
1981-82NASL IndoorSan Diego Sockers20002000
1981NASLSan Diego Sockers200000
1982-83MISLSan Diego Sockers50000000
1983-84NASL IndoorSan Diego Sockers1702203010.0
1983NASLSan Diego Sockers600000
1984NASLSan Diego Sockers1500000
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers3003360010.0
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers240446100
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers2503310300
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers290666300
1988-89MISLLos Angeles Lazers2000040010.0
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets260004400
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets230114000
1991-92MISLSt. Louis Storm300554100
1993CISLPortland Pride2302221030.0
1994CISLPortland Pride260226420


Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1977NASLPortland Timbers3252:000051.1916110.688
1979NASLPortland Timbers190:000021.33420.500
1980NASLPortland Timbers121025:0000140.8246322.696
1981-82NASL IndoorSan Diego Sockers260:000166.0031160.516
1981NASLSan Diego Sockers218:000026.67420.500
1982-83MISLSan Diego Sockers5150:5510197.6099560.566
1983-84NASL IndoorSan Diego Sockers181073:46144734.085312570.484
1983NASLSan Diego Sockers6560:0000141.50112350.313
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers301665:101981124.048033810.474
1984NASLSan Diego Sockers151369:0000321.401381060.768
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers241322:45192823.725652860.506
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers251278:161012522.444892590.530
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers291730:03218993.436203070.495
1988-89MISLLos Angeles Lazers201041:49610814.675422700.498
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets261485:261311953.846482750.424
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets231305:571481084.976072300.379
1991-92MISLSt. Louis Storm301837:3114161785.818713910.449
1993CISLPortland Pride231393:101581395.998073860.478
1994CISLPortland Pride261545:5112141706.608353720.446

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM FC BL Shts S%
1983-84NASL IndoorSan Diego Sockers50114200
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers90002000
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers80222100
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers40000000
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers60000000
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets50000000
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets40002000
1993CISLPortland Pride10000000

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
1983-84NASL IndoorSan Diego Sockers5300:0050132.6014572.497
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers9516:5571212.4420285.421
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers8486:3353384.6921299.467
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers4158:5211166.086025.417
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers6323:3022234.2713268.515
1989-90MISLKansas City Comets5296:5032163.2414763.429
1990-91MISLKansas City Comets4243:3122184.4411037.336
1993CISLPortland Pride160:000199.003717.459


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