Kevin Kewley

Kevin Kewley
Born: March 2, 1955
Liverpool, England
Position: D,M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Career: 1976-1989
Division II and III stats

Kevin Kewley scored 130 goals and recorded 141 assists in his 483-game career with the Dallas Tornado and Wichita Wings. He began playing during the 1976 season and last took the field during the 1989 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM BL Shts S%
1976NASLDallas Tornado2462140
1977NASLDallas Tornado2676200
1978NASLDallas Tornado2927110
1979-80MISLWichita Wings282019392400
1979NASLDallas Tornado161130
1980-81MISLWichita Wings392632582900
1981-82MISLWichita Wings442330533100
1982-83MISLWichita Wings3817143115370
1983-84MISLWichita Wings331013236270
1984-85MISLWichita Wings4557128470
1985-86MISLWichita Wings3952710370
1986-87MISLWichita Wings4054914554610.9
1987-88MISLWichita Wings261231942392.6
1988-89MISLWichita Wings28112415119.1
1989-90MISLWichita Wings28112615128.3


Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1980-81MISLWichita Wings11:000000.00000
1981-82MISLWichita Wings36:000000.003301.000
1982-83MISLWichita Wings33:000000.00000
1983-84MISLWichita Wings514:0000312.86300.000
1984-85MISLWichita Wings414:000000.005501.000

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM BL Shts S%
1979-80MISLWichita Wings3415000
1980-81MISLWichita Wings4336000
1981-82MISLWichita Wings6448200
1982-83MISLWichita Wings3000200
1983-84MISLWichita Wings6123400
1984-85MISLWichita Wings3000000
1985-86MISLWichita Wings3011000
1986-87MISLWichita Wings50114440.0
1988-89MISLWichita Wings2000000


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