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Zoltan Toth

Zoltan Toth
Born: December 29, 1959
Budapest, Hungary
Position: G
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190
Career: 1980-1991

Zoltan Toth compiled a career record of 167 wins, 83 losses and 0 ties with a goals against average of in his career with the New York Arrows, San Diego Sockers and St. Louis Storm. He began playing during the 1980 season and last took the field during the 1991 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM FC Shts S%
1980-81MISLNew York Arrows22000400
1981-82MISLNew York Arrows17000600
1982-83MISLNew York Arrows27000600
1983-84MISLNew York Arrows16000800
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers2401111420
1984NASLSan Diego Sockers1001100
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers28000440
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers331451021100.0
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers280111140
1988-89MISLSan Diego Sockers12000200
1989-90MISLSan Diego Sockers270002010.0
1990-91MISLSt. Louis Storm360446020.0
1991-92MISLSt. Louis Storm2000000


Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1980-81MISLNew York Arrows221005:00142734.368473800.449
1981-82MISLNew York Arrows171022:00152744.347673250.424
1982-83MISLNew York Arrows271555:0012141044.016323620.573
1983-84MISLNew York Arrows16932:0086684.384762780.584
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers241239:51183874.216313280.520
1984NASLSan Diego Sockers100:00009904.000
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers281562:071791094.197143840.538
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers331875:2217131103.527203650.507
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers281673:42216822.946483590.554
1988-89MISLSan Diego Sockers12704:5465474.013191440.451
1989-90MISLSan Diego Sockers271639:491413953.486823340.490
1990-91MISLSt. Louis Storm362099:2025101765.0311265190.461
1991-92MISLSt. Louis Storm20:00000000

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP G A Pts PIM FC Shts S%
1980-81MISLNew York Arrows2000000
1981-82MISLNew York Arrows5000600
1982-83MISLNew York Arrows2000000
1983-84MISLNew York Arrows3000400
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers5000000
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers7000200
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers11011600
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers12000200
1989-90MISLSan Diego Sockers9000610
1990-91MISLSt. Louis Storm4000000

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP Min W L GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
1980-81MISLNew York Arrows269:001065.227020.286
1981-82MISLNew York Arrows5306:0041214.12212114.538
1982-83MISLNew York Arrows294:0002159.574522.489
1983-84MISLNew York Arrows3117:0002157.695933.559
1984-85MISLSan Diego Sockers5283:5032285.9416281.500
1985-86MISLSan Diego Sockers7414:4952273.9118887.463
1986-87MISLSan Diego Sockers11543:4155394.31218108.495
1987-88MISLSan Diego Sockers11597:5892323.22235108.460
1989-90MISLSan Diego Sockers9532:2172222.48245134.547
1990-91MISLSt. Louis Storm4196:3321103.0610855.509