Altoona Curve
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 85 in 2004
Most losses in a season: 81 in 2014

The Altoona Curve, a minor league baseball team, has played in the New York-Pennsylvania League, Eastern League and Double-A Northeast League between 1999 and 2022.

Altoona Curve

1999Altoona CurveEastern League6773RosterStats323,9324,695
2000Altoona CurveEastern League7468RosterStats333,9685,060
2001Altoona CurveEastern League6379RosterStats348,3165,122
2002Altoona CurveEastern League7269RosterStats363,8715,273
2003Altoona CurveEastern League7863RosterStats365,3765,621
2004Altoona CurveEastern League8556RosterStats394,0625,971
2005Altoona CurveEastern League7666RosterStats390,2395,496
2006Altoona CurveEastern League7564RosterStats365,4075,536
2007Altoona CurveEastern League7368RosterStats356,3395,318
2008Altoona CurveEastern League6577RosterStats346,9735,179
2009Altoona CurveEastern League6280RosterStats275,9454,312
2010Altoona CurveEastern League8260RosterStats286,3214,150
2011Altoona CurveEastern League6477RosterStats285,9064,204
2012Altoona CurveEastern League7270RosterStats270,6134,295
2013Altoona CurveEastern League6379RosterStats286,2274,209
2014Altoona CurveEastern League6181RosterStats275,8234,117
2015Altoona CurveEastern League7468RosterStats302,7614,325
2016Altoona CurveEastern League7664RosterStats272,6404,131
2017Altoona CurveEastern League7466RosterStats294,4864,395
2018Altoona CurveEastern League7860RosterStats297,1184,571
2019Altoona CurveEastern League6971RosterStats308,4644,604
2021Altoona CurveAA Northeast5859RosterStats213,6864,032
2022Altoona CurveEastern League2221RosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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Latest News

Curve Get Late Hit, See Win Streak End
Posted on Saturday May 28, 2022

HARRISBURG, PA - Altoona avoided being no-hit with a single from Liover Peguero but saw their season-long five game win streak come to an end in a 3-2...

Bullpen Arms Deliver in Altoona's Fifth Straight Win
Posted on Friday May 27, 2022

HARRISBURG, PA - After two innings of one-run ball from Austin Roberts, Altoona received seven shutout frames from Travis MacGregor and Brad Case as t...

Burrows Crumbles the Congressmen in Dominant Performance to Defeat Senators
Posted on Thursday May 26, 2022

HARRISBURG, PA - Mike Burrows has been one of Altoona's most dominant starters, and tonight, he signed it into legislation. In a career-long outing of...