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Old McCormick Field

Location: Asheville, NC
30 Buchanan Place, Valley & Charlotte Streets at McCormick Place, Hunthill Avenue (later, Hunt Place), ran along the 3B line.
Capacity: 8,000 (1924); 3,000 (1939); 3,500 (1946); 4,500 (1947); 5,000 (1949); 3,200 (1964)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 387-421-339 (1939); 365-410-365 (1940); 327-397-301 (1971)
McCormick was built in 1924 for $200,000. The park was named for Dr. Lewis McCormick, a bacteriologist known as the "Fly Man" for his "Swat that fly" campaign to rid Asheville of a plague of houseflies. The park played host to football games, and for a time, there was a cinder running track, an area for "barnyard golf", and a shooting range. There was a wooden grandstand from first to third; bleachers down the foul lines; and a roofed grandstand in left. The scoreboard was in CF. The outfield fences were framed by woods. The RF bleachers consisted largely of wide wooden steps. The central grandstand was destroyed by fire in 1935, but replaced before the year was out. The LF grandstand vanished during this period, perhaps used as replacement materials. Originally, a low rail fence enclosed the outfield, and "railbirds" would lean on the fence and watch the game. The fence was removed, and outfielders could range up the hill beyond the original outfield. Lights were first installed in 1930, but soon removed; permanent lighting came in 1940. A permanent fence was installed following World War II. The distinguishing feature was the colorful mural commemorating Historic McCormick Field that graced the wall above the ticket booths. Fans made their way up stone steps from the parking lot, and the mural dominated the view. The catcher faced SE.
Used by: Asheville Skylanders, Columbia Sandlappers/Asheville Tourists, Asheville Tourists, Asheville Orioles

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Old McCormick Field:

1991Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League5583117,6251,705RosterStats
1990Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League6677101,1931,415RosterStats
1989Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League687096,1781,394RosterStats
1988Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League657595,2521,361RosterStats
1987Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League9148104,0601,497RosterStats
1986Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League9050101,9621,457RosterStats
1985Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League766273,8881,071RosterStats
1984Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League737066,597931RosterStats
1983Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League648070,985986RosterStats
1982Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League657655,228783RosterStats
1981Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League746870,957999RosterStats
1980Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League697149,066701RosterStats
1979Asheville TouristsWestern Carolinas League756342,012609RosterStats
1978Asheville TouristsWestern Carolinas League736736,517522RosterStats
1977Asheville TouristsWestern Carolinas League815843,527626RosterStats
1976Asheville TouristsWestern Carolinas League766241,580603RosterStats
1975Asheville OriolesSouthern League637548,928709RosterStats
1974Asheville OriolesSouthern League706742,840625RosterStats
1973Asheville OriolesSouthern League716948,254689RosterStats
1972Asheville OriolesSouthern League815849,745716RosterStats
1971Asheville TouristsSouthern League905146,976666RosterStats
1970Asheville TouristsSouthern League598028,720413RosterStats
1969Asheville TouristsSouthern League696934,912506RosterStats
1968Asheville TouristsSouthern League865443,324619RosterStats
1967Asheville TouristsCarolina League647434,279497RosterStats
1966Asheville TouristsSouthern League786151,704744RosterStats
1965Asheville TouristsSouthern League806068,490978RosterStats
1964Asheville TouristsSouthern League528641,086595RosterStats
1963Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League796171,8451,026RosterStats
1962Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League707078,5591,122RosterStats
1961Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League875097,0651,417RosterStats
1960Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League627773,2761,054RosterStats
1959Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic League7070113,0011,614RosterStats
1955Asheville TouristsTri-State League536353,200917RosterStats
1954Asheville TouristsTri-State League865465,436935RosterStats
1953Asheville TouristsTri-State League836764,186856RosterStats
1952Asheville TouristsTri-State League657548,039686RosterStats
1951Asheville TouristsTri-State League855571,2481,018RosterStats
1950Asheville TouristsTri-State League8362111,1771,533RosterStats
1949Asheville TouristsTri-State League7671105,8991,441RosterStats
1948Asheville TouristsTri-State League9551122,6931,681RosterStats
1947Asheville TouristsTri-State League6574123,8971,783RosterStats
1946Asheville TouristsTri-State League8357RosterStats
1942Asheville TouristsPiedmont League6177RosterStats
1941Asheville TouristsPiedmont League6476RosterStats
1940Asheville TouristsPiedmont League7560RosterStats
1939Asheville TouristsPiedmont League8955RosterStats
1938Asheville TouristsPiedmont League637563,194916RosterStats
1937Asheville TouristsPiedmont League895067,074965RosterStats
1936Asheville TouristsPiedmont League40103RosterStats
1935Asheville TouristsPiedmont League7562RosterStats
1934Columbia Sandlappers/Asheville TouristsPiedmont League5578RosterStats
1932Asheville TouristsPiedmont League3533RosterStats
1931Asheville TouristsPiedmont League6667RosterStats
1930Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic Association7961RosterStats
1929Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic Association8462RosterStats
1928Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic Association9749RosterStats
1927Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic Association7673RosterStats
1926Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic Association8066RosterStats
1925Asheville TouristsSouth Atlantic Association6663RosterStats
1924Asheville SkylandersSouth Atlantic Association5863RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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